You’ve been dared (triple dog even).

Your family and friends are egging you on to try their chiropractor because they have experienced some real miracles you and them call RELIEF. But you don’t believe they can help you, much less you don’t believe in chiropractic and you are so skeptical that you even doubt it would actually work for your specific problems, even though they are ranting and raving about their results.
Here’s how you should look at this. The question shouldn’t be whether you believe in chiropractic. It should be whether you believe in YOUR body’s very own natural ability to heal itself. This inherent process I’m talking about is called “innate.” And yes, believe it or not, your body, not the doctor, not the drugs, not the surgery… does the healing.
The doctor of chiropractic is simply a mode of transportation (if you will) to get you to heal quicker and much more correctly when you’re talking about structure (a broken arm will heal without a cast… but not “correctly”).

If you have a subluxation (which is not a complete luxation, but a subluxation which when defined just means a tiny little minor misalignment) in your spine, and over time this incorrect position of the bones… can and will most likely lead to: YOU HAVING PAIN (hello! your body is simply telling you IT needs attention), scar tissue formation, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, nerve irritation (pinched nerves), and bony formations (think bone spur).
So take the chiropractic dare. (Disclaimer! Please don’t lick any frosted schoolyard metal poles, as it may be hazardous to your health and your tongue.)

What do you have to lose?

The most common side effect from our office is muscle soreness after a treatment— and most of the time it’s very minimal. Most people who come to this office walk out and smile because they’ve found what they call “instant relief,” though that is NOT ever guaranteed. One thing about your health is nothing is GUARANTEED. I can’t do it. A medical doctor can’t do it. They can give you scenarios that could happen, but your health is really in your hands.

In fact, you should question any doctor – no matter what kind of specialty they represent) who guarantees you, your spouse or your family instant results.
Merry Christmas