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Do you really want to be healthy? Are you doing everything you can to avoid looking 20 years older than you are?

FACT: Nearly 100% of all loss of height as you grow older happens because of diseased and dehydrated spinal discs.

If you lose just 1/16th of an inch on each of those discs and you times that small amount to your 23 discs, that will equal almost an INCH and a HALF loss of your overall height.FACT: You are born with 23 healthy spinal discs. To keep them healthy you need to nurture them everyday with exercise, water, and good foods.

FACT: Most spinal discs don’t lose as little as 1/16th of an inch in their height, therefore it is easy to see why some people lose as much as 3-6 inches in total body height as they grow older. It’s much like taking a stick and watching it grow shorter and shorter as one continues to whittle the end off of it.

With the proper usage of chiropractic, water, and exercise, you can prevent most height loss problems. Call for an appointment today.


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