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There is a common misconception that chiropractic care is only necessary after accidents and the typical misconception that chiropractic care is just for back pain.
The Xrays are an incredibly important part of the analysis, allowing us to measure the disc spaces and shapes, allowing us to find the site of spinal dysfunction and nerve pressure and also find the specific site on the bone that we will need to contact in order to get you better
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X-rays are a form of energy similar to radiowaves and sunshine. A Gonstead Chiropractic X-ray will give you no more radiation than a flight from Melbourne to Sydney! (I don’t know equivalent in Malaysia..?)

Commonly, they are used to view the bony structures of the body to rule out any pathology, and in particular to Chiropractors, a means of biomechanical analysis.

Specialized chiropractic weightbearing X-rays will be taken of your whole spine.  The frontal and side view is taken in one piece and is the ONLY way to fully analyse spinal vertebrae.

Since the Gonstead doctor wants to be as specific as possible in analysis and treatment, this information is vital in order to find the exact vertebral subluxation. All required measures are taken to insure the exposures are taken with the least amount of radiation via the use of high speed screens, collimation, gonadal shielding and automatic chemical processing.

These xrays will show the following:
I send you to Sunway Medical Centre that uses specialised digital x-rays which allows them to be very specific; measuring the segments between bones, zooming in with very high resolution and getting the clearest picture as possible.
I have also sat down with their staff to ensure that all films are taken to my specifications and directions, while providing you the lowest cost possible.

  • look for signs of pathology and fractures
  • condition of each disc and joints in the spine
  • any abnormalities you where born with
  • your posture and its curves and how your body reacts to the forces of gravity

Taking into consideration all the x-ray findings, I also takes into account your condition and examination and plans the specific adjustment required to correct your subluxation.

The spine and nervous system is the most intricate and complicated structure of the entire human body. We need to get as much information as we can before we try and correct it



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