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Osteoporosis—a disease in which bones become brittle or break easily—can be treated with chiropractic care. But how does chiropractic affect bone health?
The problem with lifestyle-caused diseases is that the damage happens slowly, often without even a hint of a symptom.
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If we ask this question to 100 people, what do you think the most common answer would be? Most of us would probably say “old age”, right?
That boring, vanilla, and yawner of a thank you note? It doesn’t reinforce the happiness they felt when they made their gift. Rather, it sends a message that you can’t be bothered to send a unique, personal, and engaging message—that you care more about the gift than the person behind it.
You probably came to the office with some type of P-A-I-N originally, but I want to tell you something. I don’t treat symptoms. That’s what drugs do. My main objective as your chiropractic doctor is
Health is a journey, not a destination!
As you can tell, shock absorbers are very important to the ride your car has. Well what do you think can happen to your discs if they’re not properly aligned?