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If someone you know is experiencing symptoms or just not feeling well, please take the time to mention us. You could be saving their life!
Feel like you’re bent over and tense?
It’s become quite the norm to use hand sanitizers today. You even see them displayed in a lot of public places. But here’s the problem…
When one breeds an Angora rabbit with an Easter Bunny is that a “cross” hair?
Some patients develop chronic, widespread pain after an auto injury. Decades ago, people with these symptoms were thought to be exaggerating or faking their injuries. But now we know that there are actual changes that occur in the brain and nervous system that are at the root of some chronic pain.
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A lot of people take their heart for granted. That’s until it stops or has an attack. There was this medical doctor that was about 57 years old, was a great doctor, but he had a massive heart attack and died this last year. What happened? He took his health for granted and that’s why I’m giving you this handout today. I want you to take care of your heart.
Got the flu? Think twice before you pop a pill to feel better.