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What’s the Big Deal with Gluten?

By Mark Hyman, M.D., excerpt from Huffington Post Something you’re eating may be killing you, and you probably don’t even know it!  If you eat cheeseburgers or French fries all the time or drink six sodas a day, you likely know you are shortening your life. But eating a nice […]

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Abusing Energy Drinks

More than 500 ‘NEW’ energy drinks launched worldwide this year, and coffee fans  are probably too old to understand why. Energy drinks aren’t merely popular with young people. They taste like carbonated cough syrup. Vying for the dollars of teenagers with promises of weight loss, increased endurance and legal highs, […]

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Famous Failures

Happy April Fools’ Day April Fools’ Day is celebrated in many countries on April 1st every year. Sometimes referred to as All Fools’ Day, April 1st is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other. […]

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Spinal Adjustments Instantly Ease Muscle Pain

Chiropractic adjustments can provide immediate relief for people with chronic muscle pain, according to new research. Chronic muscle pain, also known as myofascial pain syndrome, affects an estimated 25% of the general population, and 85% of middle-aged people. Myofascial pain can be caused by an injury to muscle fibers, repetitive […]

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Headache Common After Auto Injury

Headache is reported in 90% of auto injury patients, and there are many different possible causes. Cervicogenic headaches are probably the most common after a car crash. Cervicogenic means “originating in the neck” and these headaches are caused by irritation of the nerves that travel through the head and neck. […]

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