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• 80% of Malaysians will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.
It’s 'summertime'… time for lots of outdoor sports and family fun! But, with the increase in outdoor activities in the heat can come an increase in sports-related injuries. Dr Mike Chiropractic, located in Empire SOHO Subang, gives the following quick tips to keep your summer fun and healthy, and keep you and your kids on top of your game.
The power that made the body, heals the body. Always has and always will.
A new study finds that auto injuries can cause more problems than just neck pain. In this article, researchers found that patients with whiplash or insidious-onset of neck pain were more likely to have problems with shoulder function than healthy patients. This misalignment of the shoulders may create and even sustain neck pain as well as cause other problems, like headache.
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Move over, "BlackBerry Thumb". There's a new tech-induced health hazard in town — "text neck" or "iNeck pain".
I want to share this with you today since I have helped children with this problem through chiropractic. Whatever you do, don't let bedwetting affect your child's self esteem, when chiropractic may be able to help – safely, quickly, and effectively
A man or woman too busy to take care of their health is like a ‘mechanic’ too busy to take care of his tools.